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I’m a big fan of nature, wild places, and road trips! Born and raised in one of the most wonderful tropical countries – Vietnam – a country that possesses over 3000 Km long coastline. Vietnam has given me the opportunities to explore beautiful white sand beaches, emerald water, pristine islands … that are strikingly beautiful. Hence, my inspiration for solo travel started here, in my homeland.

I did my first solo travel trip to the mountainous destinations in the North of Vietnam back in 2018, this trip completely changed my view on female solo traveling. I was, like most young girls out there, taught to always be careful and cautious with strangers, and female solo travel at that time seemed to be an insane idea. 

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Surely there will always be two sides to everything. If there is bad, there also is good; if you focus on the negative side you won’t discover the positivity it might have. I’m glad that I did give it a try, and the result turned out to be amazing.

During my travels, I connected with people I didn’t have a chance to meet before, those who live in a different world compared to mine. We shared endless conversations about travels, goals, life, and beyond. It gave me a chance to reflect the life I used to have – a small world where everything revolved around work and business meetings. It was similar to when you lived in a black and white world then you got a chance to discover the colorful sides, you just don’t want to get back.

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I remembered there was a certain period of time where I tried to find the meaning of life, the will and purpose to life to me were still foreign ideas. Then, when I found it, there was a spark in my mind, the spark of joy. Hence, I wanted to share my experience through travel stories with all of you females in the world who love to travel. I don’t want to just keep it for myself, as I know, sharing is caring. Therefore, theasinanomad blog was born. I hope this travel blog somehow inspires you to find confidence in solo travel, to find yourselves, to find your will somewhere in this big world, to travel to that endless horizon we all agree will bring a beautiful sunrise to our planet, to our lives.        

My goal for the upcoming years is to become a full-time digital nomad, travel everywhere and draw a world map version for myself no matter how long it takes. Because life doesn’t wait, as Confucius once said “We have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one.” Now, I’m living my second life, I hope you are too!

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